On 3 November 2019 Diana M. Tobias, Mascha Kamenskikh and Martina Tobias-Kamenskikh gave a tea concert in the Huckingen parish hall.

Besides nice music there were three teas to try (two to drink, one to eat) and a fairy tale written by Martina.

Wochenanzeiger, 05.11.2019

The very well attended concert was a complete success. The audience was very interested and enjoyed the cosy atmosphere.


The world spins faster and the distances have become shorter. One rushes quickly from one spot of the earth to another, picks it up, consumes it and spits it out again. Society demands more and more in less time. We race through a universe that expands. Knowledge becomes unmanageable and can be called up at any time. Overstrain spreads. What helps? Perhaps a cup of tea and good music.

Diana M. Tobias, Mascha Kamenskikh and Martina Tobias-Kamenskikh invite you to a 2 hour long journey into the cosiness and tranquillity of a tea concert. Listening to an extraordinary sound journey and enjoying suitable tea from Asia, the listeners will be taken away from their everyday life.

When: 03. November 2019, 5:00pm (admittance: 4:30pm)
Where: Gemeindehaus Huckingen, Angerhauser Str. 91, 47259 Duisburg
Entrance free
Reservation: reservierung@teaandcookie.com or +491575-2291436 (not necessary)

The participants:

 Diana M. Tobias,
 Mascha Kamenskikh,
 Martina Tobias-Kamenskikh,
story teller